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45th Annual Conference: Submit a Proposal

New Orleans, LA
20-24 March 2019

Please fill out the following form to submit a proposal for the 2019 SAM conference.

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How to submit a proposal

To propose an organized panel: Select "Panel" in the "Proposal type" field, enter a title for the panel in the "Panel title" field, and enter an overview for the entire panel. Submit the form and then follow the link back here to submit the panel's individual proposals.

To submit individual proposals (including those that include performance elements) for an organized panel: Select "Individual Panel Paper" as the "Proposal type", enter the panel's title in the "Panel title" field, enter the presenter's name and other information, the paper's individual title in "Proposal title", followed by the paper/performance proposal, and any other information below. Repeat this for each paper/performance proposal in the panel.

To propose a seminar paper: Select one of the "Seminar" choices as the Proposal Type and fill out the rest of the information that is requested below.

To propose an individual paper: Select "Regular paper" in the Proposal type menu, and fill in the rest of the information that is requested below.

To propose a research poster: Select "Research Poster" in the Proposal type menu and fill out the rest of the information that is requested below.

To propose a presentation and let the program committee place it where it best fits in the program: Select "Consider as either Regular Paper or Research Poster" and fill out the rest of the information that is requested below.

To propose a Lecture-Recital: Select "Lecture-Recital" as the "Proposal type," fill in the "Proposal title" field and the rest of the requested information, including example URLs of the content being proposed.

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Acceptable file types: .doc, .docx, .rtf, or .txt Required of all submissions, including panel overviews.

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