From 1992 until mid 1996 I spent quite a bit of time writing music of the non-rock variety. This didn't mean I wasn't still jamming with Kurt (and eventually Patrick) on our Thermonuclear Love Triangle project, but I thoroughly enjoyed composing in a more classical style. The recordings below represent basically all I have in my notation archives, and comprise the significant bulk of my compositional activities. All of these pieces and fragments were written during my time in the music department at UC Riverside and my first year of graduate school at UCLA. That year (95-96) I participated in the UCLA guitar ensemble, and a large part of our class time was spent in composition. Hence, there's quite a bit of guitar music below. The other pieces (which I refer to as "opuses" with tongue firmly in cheek) are all from UC Riverside and are chamber works created for various composition classes. Finally, there is at least one piece that I can remember composing while sitting by the pool at the Imperial Palace hotel and casino in Las Vegas, a 12-tone piece (you can actually write scary atonal music while getting a suntan!), but it has somehow escaped being notated and the sketch book containing it is gone as well. Into the mists of time. Or something...

Recording Notes: Only three of the pieces were recorded using live humans (though most of the opuses were at least run through by humans). The rest of the recordings you'll hear thanks to MIDI software instruments. To hear these files you'll need to have QuickTime installed.


Written in the spring of 1995 for viola and piano. The title is a clever pun for the always-present variations on the first four notes of the viola melody. Performed by Phil Rush (viola) and Barbara Bennett (piano). (5 MB .mp3)

"Vergene Bella"

Patrick has the human tape of this one. Will retrieve it asap.

"Just Yesterday"

Composed in 1992 for my first composition class, it's for piano, violin, and cello. It's trying to be tonal but clearly my harmonic language is also trying to be more edgy. I think of this as my "sweetly earnest" style.


"Wind Quintet"

A bit of a strange one. Written in spring 1994 for a composition class that was taught by a pretty thorough modernist named John Crawford. Very nice man, but he made us listen to a lot of wind quintets by people like Milton Babbit and Walter Piston (wind quintets are traditionally comprised of: flute, oboe, clarinet, French horn, and bassoon). The long section in the middle of the piece is supposed to slip in and out of tune, but I didn't bother trying to figure out how to make MIDI do it for this recording.

"Guitar Trio for Too Guitars"
: I :  : II :  : III :  : IV :  : V :  : VI :

After three years in the guitar ensemble at UCR I spent one year in a similiar ensemble at UCLA. The focus of the UCR ensemble was clearly on performance (we did quite a lot of performances at area colleges), but the focus at UCLA was much more on composition. This suite of six short pieces was written and compiled during that year. I even wrote an Introduction to the score. The recordings were done in the summer of 1996 by me. (500KB - 2.7MB .mp3)

"Minimalist Guitar Duo"

Another piece from winter 1996. Metrically influenced by Patrick as well -- during the second section of the piece one guitar is playing in 7/4 while another is playing in 11/12 (the 11/12 isn't performed correctly by the MIDI recording though).

"Psycho Guitar Trio"

Here's one from early 1996 that I'm not sure whether to call an Opus or a Fragment. The only reason it's here as an Opus is because I found extracted parts in the same folder as the score. Hence, I assume it was complete. I'll let you be the judge though.

"Mvt. I"

This is apparently the beginnings of the first movement to a three-movement piano trio begun following the completion of "Just Yesterday"...


This oddly named piece (working title obviously) was actually going to be written for three kids who lived up the street from my parents' house. Between the three of them, they played violin, clarinet, and piano. Never finished it, but here's the fragment anyway...

"Program Music"

I think this was also written in early 1996. It's for two guitars. I have no idea what the title refers to...


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